Wedo ECO Candle Wick – 120mm Long

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Manufactured by: Wedo

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  • Vegan Friendly
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Cosy Owl supplies Wedo Eco Wick, a high quality wick appropriate for paraffin, soy and vegetable waxes whether with or without dye and/or fragrances. The wick is already firmly incorporated into a sustainer (metal tab) ready for placing into a heat resistant container.

Wedo Eco wick is a high grade flat, coreless ring-spun cotton and incorporates thin paper filaments and threads interlaced providing a more stable and consistent burn. The self-trimming wick stance minimizes or eliminates carbon deposit formation and greatly reduces afterglow.

Wedo wicks combine the highest grade wick materials, state of the art braiding and spooling technology as well as tried, tested and approved chemical treatments to provide the cleanest and safest possible burn in the materials in question. The materials and processes also ensure consistent product quality from start to finish and from batch to batch. As an accredited supplier, Wedo only manufactures wicks which fulfill the stringent requirements of the European quality seal RAL GZ 041. Wedo is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008.

Click on our ‘Candle Diameter tab’ for the size of wick required. The size of wick can be selected from the drop down box above. The candle diameters listed are suggestions based on standard results. They should be taken as a starting point for testing purposes only, as burning rates may well differ due to variations between different candle systems. These ECO wicks are cut to 120mm in length.

Candle Diameter:

  • ECO 0.5:    50mm
  • ECO 0.75:  53mm
  • ECO 1:       55mm
  • ECO 2:       60mm
  • ECO 4/6:   65mm
  • ECO 8/10: 70mm
  • ECO 12:     75mm
  • ECO 14 :    80mm
  • ECO 16:     80 mm


The following Technical Data relates to the use of Paraffin Wax only. All of these wicks are made from pure cotton with brown paper threads and are of a flatwick type with additional stability threads.

  • Wick name: ECO 1
  • Total number of threads: 22 double threads
  • Braid density: 480 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 1040 m/kg
  • Wick name: ECO 2
  • Total number of threads: 30 double threads
  • Braid density: 440 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 823 m/kg
  • Wick name: ECO 4
  • Total number of threads: 32 double threads
  • Braid density: 460 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 750 m/kg
  • Wick name: ECO 6
  • Total number of threads: 38 double threads
  • Braid density: 400 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 660 m/kg
  • Wick name: ECO 8
  • Total number of threads: 44 double threads
  • Braid density: 380 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 590 m/kg
  • Wick name: ECO 10
  • Total number of threads: 50 double threads
  • Braid density: 220 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 580 m/kg
  • Wick name: ECO 12
  • Total number of threads: 55 double threads
  • Braid density: 220 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 528 m/kg
  • Wick name: ECO 14
  • Total number of threads: 64 double threads
  • Braid density: 200 braids per meter of wick (=wick tightness)
  • Yield: Approx.: 460 m/kg

These data sheets list any technical data or health and safety hazards associated with the product ingredients.

See all Safety Data Sheets

Additional information

Weight N/A
Wick Size

ECO 0.5, ECO 0.75, ECO 1, ECO 2, ECO 4, ECO 6, ECO 8, ECO 10, ECO 12, ECO 14, ECO 16

Pack Size

10 wicks, 50 wicks, 250 wicks, 1000 wicks

28 reviews for Wedo ECO Candle Wick – 120mm Long

  1. Victoria R.s

    Great wicks. Have ordered over and over again. They burn well and delivery is very quick.

  2. Cheryl Sharro

    Great! Would highly recommend.
    Will definitely be purchasing again.

  3. Lucy Hs

    Fabulous product and service every time! Highly recommend and speedy delivery!

  4. Lucy H.s

    Just as described and so easy to use. Burn perfectly

  5. Emma B.s

    Really nice wicks to use, burn really nice and evenly!

  6. Jade H.s

    Great wicks and fast delivery will be ordering more soon

  7. Connor Myerss

    Great product, can’t fault it! arrived nice and quickly and great customer services!

  8. Amanda G.s

    Great wicks in a natural wax that I use. Produces a lovely, stable burn.

  9. Amanda G.s

    Great wicks. A little pricy but you can use each one twice as the wicks are quite long.

  10. Ajla Bazdalic

    Great eco wicks, burns with steady flame, definitely would recommend!

  11. Chloe V.s

    Excellent choice of wicks and quick delivery. Handy wick size guide. I still had a question about what size wick to use for one of my containers and the response from cozy owl was very quick and useful. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  12. Simons

    Great wicks for my home made candles. I wasn’t sure about the size and I e-mailed them and got a prompt reply with advice. Very happy with them. Once the correct size is used for the size of candle you’re making they burn very well and last also.

  13. Jeanette Smit

    I have found cosy owl very reliable and quick and will use them again – products perfect

  14. Jo Cambridges

    Wedo ECO wicks are the best wicks I have ever used with Kerasoy container wax. They are sturdy, do not slump and always perform in harmony with the wax. I always order from Cosy Owl as they have excellent customer service, good shipping costs and are fast! Thank you g

  15. Claire Botani

    This wick is the best! Make sure you get the right size (look at the dropdown which helps you to get the right wick depending on your candle size). it burns clean and I haven’t had any problems with sooty candles or pooling. Thanks Cosy Owl!

  16. Patricia S.s

    Does exactly what it should which is always nice. It arrived when they said it would and the whole buying experience was easy

  17. Roberts

    The only wicks I’ve ever used and have never been disappointed. Excellent product

  18. Paul and Paul

    Can’t wait to try, good quality product :). Looking forward to starting to use our Cosy Owl products, delivery prompt and products look very good.

  19. Justines

    Great speedy delivery, perfect product will definitely be placing another order soon!

  20. Annettes

    These sucks burn so well. Far better than anything else ive tried!

  21. Ian martindal

    Item came quickly, it was exactly what I needed and also cheap. Cant ask for more than that.

  22. john caseys

    good quality wicks, recommended to anyone looking , positive all round

  23. john caseys

    nice wicks, am going to reorder and cant wait to use them

  24. Sarah Timmins

    Would not buy wicks anywhere else. Fantastic, hold well in the wax and great to use. .

  25. Fran leachs

    Great wick – burns really well. Never had any issues with smoking, carbon deposits or tunnelling.
    Eco 2 suits 200ml karen glass perfect.

  26. Zoey Mcculloc

    Wicks came well packaged and protected. I have found they work wonderfully with no issues. Thank you

  27. Sarahs

    Have used for the first time this weekend and really pleased overall. Would use again.

  28. Leonie R.s

    Just as described and work perfectly in our candles! Super fast delivery too, thank you :)

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