KeraSoy 4130 Container Wax

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Manufactured by: Kerax

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Available for collection

This UK produced 100% soy wax is tremendously smooth in texture and appearance; is biodegradable and vegan friendly and this formulation is specifically developed for making container wax candles. This Soy Wax does not require additives, other than fragrance and colour which can be purchased separately on Cosy Owl. When purchasing wicks for your soy wax container candles, be aware that as part of the group of Natural Waxes available on the market, a slightly larger wick is needed as opposed to that which you would use with paraffin wax. KeraSoy container wax has been designed for fragrance at levels between 10 – 12%.

Pour temperatures for soy container wax may vary according to mould type & size, fragrance & dye used and the effects you desire. Greater adhesion to containers can be achieved by pouring at temperature close to congealing point (approximately 45 – 55°C). Fragrance should be added and mixed immediately prior to pouring where practical. If you experience difficulties with your pour temperature, try a lower or higher temperature in increments of 5 – 10°C. Consider pouring into pre heated moulds for better adhesion to glass containers.
KeraSoy container wax is formulated to require only a single pour unlike other waxes, although for some larger containers a small top-up may be required to achieve the best candle surface. A small amount of soy wax at a slightly warmer temperature than the candle was poured at can be used to top-up the candle before the candle is fully cool (pouring the top-up once the candle is completely cool may result in a reduction of adhesion to the container).

The Soy used in Kerasoy waxes is source from North America and Brazil from purely ethical and non-genetically modified sources. A full supply chain audit has been carried out and only ethical suppliers have been chosen that do not contribute to de-forestation.

The primary constituent of this wax is Soy but to get the great performance characteristics it is blended with performance enhancing additives mainly from vegetable materials but with the addition of steric acid. If the product was 100% soy wax it would not perform well for candle making.

Products made using this product can be described as skin safe, dermatologically tested and clinically tested, providing that any additives also meet this criteria.

  • Congealing Point: 34°C
  • Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt: 9.7
  • Penetration @ 25°C, dmm: 60
  • Melting Point: 45.5°C
  • Colour: Off White to Pale Cream
  • Typical Use: Container

These data sheets list any technical data or health and safety hazards associated with the product ingredients.

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Wax Weight

800 grams, 5 kg, 20 kg

74 reviews for KeraSoy 4130 Container Wax

  1. Alexandra Ray (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this wax, it’s so smooth and silky after every pour. Would highly recommend to any candle maker.

  2. vorbelutr ioperbir

    I really like gathering useful information , this post has got me even more info! .

  3. Rose P (verified owner)

    The best container wax I have ever used. Lovely silky finished and I don’t have to do anything to it.

  4. Philippe P.s

    I get the best results with the wax from cosy owl and I tested a lot of soy waxes. Kerasoy 4130 is the best in my opinion, especially for big candles, you rarely get sinkholes.

  5. Philippe P.s

    I already made several hundred candles with this wax and me and my customers are 100% satisfied. Cosy owl never disappoints!

  6. Philippes

    The kerasoy 4130 soy wax is still my favorite wax out there. No sink holes, no detachment from the glass, just excellen!

  7. Julia D.s

  8. gwenolas

  9. Marishka C.s

    This is such a fantastic & easy wax to use for my homemade candles,always melts so well & blends easily with either Fragrance oils or Essential oils,thankyou Cosyowl for this lovely wax! Love it

  10. Gwenolas

  11. Victoria R.s

    I love this wax, had to try another once when I couldn’t get hold of this and it was awful. I will never use anything but this wax again now. Delivery is quick too.

  12. Philippes

    The wax has a great quality, it burns down evenly, looks great and smells quite neutral. I use it for all the candles I make for my small business!

  13. Holly Effendi

    New to candle making and this is the first wax I have tried as reviews looked good. Happy with the wax so far. Struggling to get smooth tops but not sure whether that’s something I’m doing wrong or the wax. Going to keep trying/testing and hopefully I’ll figure it out

  14. Anthony H.s

    great product love this wax. easy to pour and need to only pour once no sink holes ect

  15. Holly E.s

    Happy with my purchase, easy to work with, great that it comes in little beads as it’s less messy and was a fair price. Thank you

  16. Lucy H.s

    Brilliant product and so easy to use! Fast delivery also

  17. Louisas

    I wouldn’t want to use any other wax but this one after a long process of trial and error with other soy wax’s. It is very easy to use and always pours nicely and has a lovely finish on the surface. 100% satisfaction.

  18. Jean D.s

    After trying a few other soy waxes I’m going to settle for this one. Very easy to work with and leaves a beautiful smooth top. Very happy.

  19. Charlotte As

  20. Emma B.s

    Really easy wax to use if follow instructions correctly! Turns out perfectly, smooth top every time!

  21. Alison M.s

    Really great product, easy to use and will definitely order more

  22. Alexandra T.s

    Apsolutely in love with this product, very easy to use, smooth finish, would definitely recommend it. Will stick with this product for my small business. Thank you Cosy Owl, also delivered in perfect condition, and in small dividend parts so its so easy to use. ??????

  23. Alexandra T.s

    Apsolutely in love with this product, very easy to use, smooth finish, would definitely recommend it. Will stick with this product for my small business. Thank you Cosy Owl, also delivered in perfect condition, and in small dividend parts so its so easy to use. ??????

  24. Jacqueline Wi

    Im new to candle making however found this wax easy to work with, with no shrinkage or frosting,

  25. Holly A.s

    Great for my container candles, it is easy to work with and leaves my candles looking great. Fragrance binds well to this wax providing you add it at the correct temperature. I put between 8-10% in my container candles depending on the scent. Meets my requirements cou

  26. Connor Myerss

    Great product, can’t fault it! arrived nice and quickly and great customer services!

  27. Ajla Bazdalic

    Amazing wax! no tunneling, no frosting, I am super satisfied”

  28. Marlene M.s

    This wax is exactly what I was looking for and it definitely met my expectations.

  29. Lisa Dews

    Fab wax. I always use soy wax and this blend is amazing. It burns for longer and smells incredible. I wouldn’t choose anything else.

  30. Christin H.s

    Hervorragendes Soja Wachs. Kein Einbrechen oder reißen beim Aushärten trotz 19 Grad Zimmertemperatur, die Gläser wurden nicht vorgewärmt bei einer Gießtemperatur von 55 Grad. Das Wachs hat das Typische Porzellanartige aussehen in Creme weiß. Die Duftzugabe von 10% ist

  31. Steven L.s

    Love this wax! Melts well, pours well and burns well! It’s a lovely consistency and has really good burn times too.

  32. Beckys

    I love the soy wax so easy to use I’ll be sticking with cosy owl

  33. Sophies

    Best wax to use is so easy to pour in and melt.Have found it better than the flakes and burns lovely. On ordering the 10kg wax it came in helpful bags rather than the annoying large sack.

  34. Alex K.s

    Highly recommend well worth the money, I will definitely be recommending you to a lot of people I know

  35. Cwmeltsssssss

    Came fast. Packaged well and amazing product. Works well with moulds and holds colour properly. Will be buying again

  36. V. Brewers

    Love the creamy texture the smell and colour of this so will definitely be buying more

  37. The Cheshire

    The soy wax melts excellently and when harding the wax didn’t crack or dip like other waxes I’ve used!

    Highly recommend!

  38. Rosanna shank

    I would definitely recommend this seller if you want a great price and service,
    I’ve been using kerasoy 4130 container wax for 6 months now ,
    And it’s the best wax I’ve used the finish is excellent, you never have to top up your candles,

  39. Angela lovatt

    Good quality wax and will continue to buy this wax from yourselves

  40. natacha p.s

    A good natutural wax, easy to work, thank you for your rapidity!
    Natacha P.

  41. Kuluha Candle

    This is my go to wax, these suppliers are quick,reliable and affordable everything you need when your running a small independent candle business.

  42. Sarah H.s

    This is soy wax is really easy to use and has a lovely sheen on the top which provides a great finish. I will definitely buy this again.

  43. Hennas

    This wax is great, just as it is described in the information. The candles burnt beautifully.

  44. Claire D.s

    Tried a couple of other Soy waxes, but this has the best colour and a really nice gentle scent. It seems to stick to the containers really well and is fuss free!

  45. Jamess

    An excellent product, and really easy to use. Fast delivery too!

  46. Zoe Sturrocks

    This wax smells beautiful on its own, takes colour really well and sets really nicely. Melting is easy and it pours great.

  47. The Quirky Em

    Great product… perfect for containers. Fast and reliable service too!

  48. Carré Sandras

    Bougie parfaite, la cire adhère parfaitement aux contenants !

  49. Simones

    Great product first time using soy wax and it is easy to work with.

  50. Chloes

    Really easy to use. Has a lovely smell too. Fab price also

  51. Amy Louises

    Definitely the best wax I’ve used – won’t be going anywhere else to buy now!

  52. Shirley Corne

    Amazing product! Will definitely be purchasing again. Great quality and very well packaged.

  53. Susan Gormley

    I love this wax, it is very easy to work with and always delivered really fast when I order with CosyOwl. Thank you guys for being so reliable.

  54. Carolyn Simps

    I love this wax, it’s very easy to use. Scent throw is fabulous from it.
    I definitely recommend it

  55. Andrew Ts

    This soy wax is the best I’ve used, easy to work with and holds fragrance well

  56. Natalies

    I havnt melted this product yet as my candles are curing but first impressions is great. Nice smooth tops on my candle. So far so good.

  57. Pam mitchells

    Such a good quality wax. Made perfect candles and melts. We used them with the candle dye and the colours are spot on. Perfect!! X

  58. Annettes

    A great wax at a fabulous price. My new favourite supplier!

  59. Celines

    Très bon rapport qualité prix. La cire est en grain donc très pratique à doser

  60. Dace Treigute

    Working with this wax is so easy . Fragrance hold and finish is gray Amazing product.

  61. Dace Ts

    Amazing wax .Easy to use . Very smooth and professional finish . Great fragrance hold

  62. Rosana shanks

    I have used three different soya waxes in the past 2 years & this one is definitely my favourite ,lovely to work with & getting a fantastic finish with my candles & great feedback off my customers.

  63. Miss As

    1st time using kerawax…brillint quality finish on my candles ..easy to use. Will defo order again.

  64. Hackney Edits

    My favourite wax to use. Picked up from warehouse and received great service. Will use again.

  65. gabrielle bul

    Lovely wax, easy to use and is beautiful when finished.

  66. Minesh Shahs

    Excellent wax for making container candles. Setting colour is creamy white, not too yellow. Very good wax overall.

  67. Ophélies

    Très bien emballé, reçu très rapidement, cire de qualité, rien à dire à part qu’elle est top !


  69. M Hatchs

    Great value soy wax great delivery service highly recommended

  70. Emma Bryants

    I am new to candle making and have found this wax excellent it comes in neat circular pellets and melts lovely. I will definitely be continuing to purchase this wax to use in my candles.

  71. Zoey Ms

    Excellent product great colour and give a very nice finish. Thank you

  72. Azénors

    Très contente de la cire livrer dans deux sachet ! Ce qu’elle a de pratique c’est qu’elle est en petite pastille.

  73. Sarahs

    Lovely wax, great colour and really happy with overall finish.

  74. Ian J.s

    Excellent product better than others I have used before and a much better finish. Nicely packed in 2.5Kg bags for ease of use

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