Tilted Layered Candle Technique

Elevate your candles with our eye-catching pastel-inspired tilted layer candle tutorial! We’ve carefully selected a combination of delightful pastel dyes to create a cross over effect. This stunning candle is guaranteed to enhance any home decor, and you can even personalise it further by infusing your favourite fragrance oil into the wax. Explore our technique […]

How to make Sun Drenched Apricot Rose Wax Melts

With the arrival of warmer weather on its way, we have crafted a recipe that captures the essence of Spring and Summer. Imagine the sweet fragrance of sun-ripened fruit and the alluring aroma of blooming flowers wafting through the air. Our goal was to blend the soft hues of peaches with delicate dried flowers and […]

Fun container garden upcycling projects

Spring is the perfect time to get busy in the garden and grow some lovely flowering plants. Recycling things you already have around the home into plant pots is a great way to be more eco-friendly, and it will save you some money too. Let’s get creating with fun garden recycling project ideas… Here are some […]

3-Wick Mother’s Day Candle Recipe

Why not show your Mum that there is more than just one layer to your love for her? Below is the recipe for making not just a 3-wick candle, but a 3-colour layered candle too! It’s easy to make and guaranteed to put a smile on any Mum’s face. Ingredients 500g of either Kerawax 4105 […]

Mother’s Day Candle Gift Set Guide

Everyone wants to spoil their Mum on Mother’s Day, so why not take your time and create her a unique gift she will love. This candle gift set is easy to make, and you can add anything you like to personalise it further. Follow our step by step guide to make your own Mother’s Day […]