Rose Gold Round Candle Tin With Welded Side Seam – 100ml – Single

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Manufactured by: Cosy Owl

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Available for collection

These tins are available in two sizes, 100ml and 250ml, with colour choices of Silver or Rose Gold. They feature a visible welded side seam which is silver in colour. The slip lid features a small step, making it easy for stacking, storing or displaying.

Our candle tins are very competitively priced and really can bring a touch of class to any room.

This tin can be purchased as a single Sample tin and as packs of 10 or 50 tins.

Size and Volume:

    • This 100ml Tin will hold approx. 80g of wax*
    • Size: 61mm (Dia) x 48mm (H)

Wick Recommendations**

Kerasoy Wax (Soy) Kerawax (Paraffin) Both Soy and Paraffin Multiple wick recommendations
ECO 2 LX 16 TCR 24/14 N/A
ECO 4 LX 18 TCR 27/16 N/A


*Please note, the amount of wax recommended is a guide only and is based on maximum capacity for that specific container. Therefore, it is possible to use less wax, but we would not recommend exceeding the maximum capacity. We advise using the stated amounts of wax as a starting point only and adjusting these measurements as per your preference.

**Please note, all Wick recommendations are based on use with our Wax only. The smallest Wick size recommended is for use with Wax only. The largest Wick size recommended is for use when Fragrance Oil and/or Dye are present. All information provided is to be used as a guide only to aid in finding a starting point when experimenting with Wicks as varying temperatures and Fragrance Oils will impact the success of a Wick.

Additional information

Weight 36 g
Product Type

Candle Tin

Pack Size

10 Tins, 50 Tins


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