Making A Reed Diffuser

Why not accompany your candles with a diffuser of the same scent, giving your product that luxury upgrade at a low cost? Diffusers are becoming more and more popular due to the constant release of scent bringing an array of fragrances to the home.



Step 1
Ensure your diffuser container is clean before pouring in the full 100ml of Diffusol Oil (if using a smaller diffuser bottle adjust your diffusol accordingly)

Step 2
Add the full 50ml of the fragrance oil to the Diffuser Bottle and gently swirl to ensure the two liquids combine (same as before, if using a smaller bottle please adjust your volumes.)

Step 3
To finish the diffuser for shipping, place the plug into the neck of the bottle and screw on the lid and package alongside the reeds. For personal use, simply screw on the lid and place the desired number of reeds into the Diffuser (we recommend at least 5 reeds)

2 thoughts on “Making A Reed Diffuser”

  1. On this how to guide, you recommend 50% fragrance however i haven’t seen any 50% fragrance CLP labels available under your data sheets? Please can you clarify as to where i could get the 50% CLP labelling from?

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