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20 01, 2022

DIY: Lavender Essential Oil Scented Wax Tablets

2022-10-25T11:30:51+01:00Valentine's Day, Wax Tablets|0 Comments

Wax tablets are not only great for releasing beautiful scents in the home but also double up as a decoration too! They are fabulous for freshening up drawers, closets and shelving. You can make them personalised to your loved one by choosing from a range of scents including essential oils to fragrance oils. Why not add your own decoration from dried flowers to glitter, for an extra creative pizzazz? Simply hang Lavender Essential Oil Scented [...]

1 06, 2021

Scented Wax Tablets

2022-09-05T17:24:55+01:00Wax Tablets|0 Comments

Wax tablets have become extremely popular in recent months, as our close knit community of crafters share quick and easy tips to creating scented wax tablets. Wax tablets can be used for a variety of purposes including freshening your shelves, drawers and closets up. If you keep an attire of clothing away in a draw, wax tablets are particularly great for long-term storing of clothing made from wool and also cashmere. A fun fact for [...]


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