How to Make Your Own Halloween Hand Shaped Soap

@cosyowl A soap worth screaming about 👻 Check out the handiest soap tutorial ready for the Halloween season #diyhandsoap #halloweencrafts2021 #meltandpoursoap ♬ This is halloween – sophie★ Cosy Owl on TikTok As part of our Halloween candle and soap making… read more

Cedarwood Essential Oil Candle Halloween Recipe

Cedarwood is a popular essential oil that derives from the plant Cedrus. Its Latin name is Cedrus atlantica and what makes Cedarwood so special is its anti-fumitory properties and ability to relieve tension, which could be heightened around the time… read more

A Guide to Making Your Own Beeswax Body Lotion Bar

Lotion bars with added beeswax are a great way to seal moisture in the skin with long-lasting results, without clogging up your pores. Beeswax assists with regulating skin regeneration enabling the skin to naturally repair. Its sweet scent will add… read more