Premium Fragrance Oils

Our Premium Range of fragrances brings to the home candle maker a quality, depth and strength of fragrance oil not previously available on the market.  We have a range of fragrances that have been designed to match the world’s top fragrance houses for quality.

How Have We Acheived This?

  1. We have used the most expensive ingredients on the market.  To create any given fragrance there are often several choices of components, the more expensive are more complex molecules that convey a richer and more rounded fragrance and often ‘fit’ into our nasal receptors better.
  2. When formulating the fragrances we have used more complex blend of fragrances compounds, to give more scent notes and a greater and more subtle pallet of mid and base notes.
  3. Our premium fragrances have a far higher fragrance compound to base oil mix ratio, meaning that for every part added to your candle you get much more active fragrance.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. Because they are stronger, you don’t need to add as much as standard fragrances to your candles to get the same rich fragrance smell.  This means that, although they are actually more expensive per ml to buy, they could actually save you money to use.
  2. Adding less fragrance to your candle will also improve the burn of the final product.
  3. If you want very strongly scented candles you can add the same mix quantity as you currently use, giving you a stronger scented candle, without suffering from candles ‘sweating’.
  4. Finally, our premium range of fragrances will all provide a much rounder, less harsh scent, with added complexity and subtleness.

Craftovator fragrance oils now available from Cosy Owl.  In response to a huge volume of requests we are now bringing in Craftovator fragrances to support ex Craftovator customers.  Contact us here for details of fragrances that you need and we will try to source them.

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Showing 1–16 of 17 results