Weighing Your Fragrance

Accurately weighing out fragrance oils is essential when making multiple candles to ensure consistency throughout and one way to achieve this is to use percentages. Generally, you will be looking to achieve a 6% fragrance load but would not want to exceed 12% for most waxes. You will need a set of sensitive high accuracy digital scales.

How to weigh Fragrance Oil

  • Use only a set of dedicated candle scales for the job
  • How much wax do you need to melt? (250g)
  • Place a small cup on the scales and set to zero
  • Pour 7% of fragrance into your cup (17.5g)
  • Only when your wax has reached the desired temperature, remove from the heat and pour in your fragrance, stirring gently
  • For large batch quantities, take the total and multiply it by the percentage of fragrance being used:

For example,

If making 8 candles each using 250g of wax with 7% fragrance,

250g x 8 = 2000grams of wax

2000 x 0.07 = 140grams of fragrance

If you needed to increase the amount of fragrance oil to 12% (the highest recommended amount) these would be your calculations,

250g x 8 = 2000grams of wax

2000 x 0.12 = 240grams of fragrance

4 thoughts on “Weighing Your Fragrance”

  1. Hi, I’m currently researching how to make candles properly before I start… you’ve mentioned here to use only a dedicated set of candle scales for weighing. Do you have any advice on where I can purchase them? Thanks!

  2. This is really helpful, thank you – how would you recommend to weigh out the percentage of a blend?
    For example if I’ve worked up a blend of essential oils and I like 2 drops of X and 1 drop of Y, how is best to scale those amounts up and work out the percentages of each to add to the wax? Thank you

    1. Regrettably, we do not recommend a blend of fragrance oils as this will have a knock-on effect to the CLP labelling required. You would need to include both CLP labels to your product.

      To add any fragrance into your wax, I would always recommend calculating the percentage between 7 and 12% which can be done by taking the amount of wax you have, for example 200g and dividing this by the percentage of fragrance you have chosen ( 7% = times by 0.07 ) to calculate the amount of fragrance you would need. 200 x 0.07 = 14ml fragrance.

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