Here we have another candle making technique for you to sink your teeth into. The mosaic candle has more to it, which means it will take longer to create your final masterpiece. This technique will need to be done over a period of a couple of days. However, the result is well worth the time taken to make it. I would recommend that this is done with a pillar candle for maximum effect, but you can use container wax also. I have split this process over 2 days as first you need to make your coloured cubes.

Day 1 (or am) – Making your coloured cubes

Step 1 – Using a double boiler melt your wax, be sure to keep an eye on the temperature of this at all times. At the right temperature (temperature guideline) add your dye and fragrance oil to the wax. This is your chance to play and experiment with both colours and scents.

Step 2 – Whilst the wax is melting or cooling to the desired pouring temperature (55-60°C) you will need to grease your tray, this is to prevent the wax from sticking. You should do this with a non-stick cooking spray or a silicone spray lubricant, once sprayed wipe the excess off with kitchen towel leaving behind a very thin film.

Step 3 – Once the wax is cool enough pour this into the tray, pouring only to a depth of which you would like your cubes to be sized at.

Step 4 – You can repeat the above steps for candles with multiple coloured chunks, I find that 3 different colours are very effective.

Step 5 – Allow the wax to cool to a point where it is starting to harden. When a similar consistency to dough, using a knife, slice the wax into cubes.

Step 6 – Leaving the sliced wax in the tray, allow this to completely cool. This can either be left over night to harden completely or alternatively if you are working to a deadline you can place the tray in the fridge to encourage the cooling process.

Step 7 – Once these have cooled flip the tray over and tap it against a surface encouraging the chunks to separate, some chunks may still be attached to each other and in this instance, they can be separated by hand.

Day 2 (or pm) – Making you mosaic candle

Firstly, you will need to follow stages 1 through 4 of either our (Container candle guide) or our (Pillar candle guide). This is for preparing your container/mould and your wax; do not pour this yet. If making this candle in a container I would recommend adding stearin acid before your dye and fragrance as this will assist the wax to dry more translucent allowing the effects of the chunks to stand out more.

Step 1 – Once your mould/container is prepared you will need to fill this with your chunks. If using multiple colours, here you can experiment with different effects using gradient colours working up the candle, separating colours into sections, just get creative!

Step 2 – You can also experiment with your over-pour colour and fragrance, also whether you cover the chunks completely with this or leave some of your chunks visible and sticking out the top of the candle (quite effective). There are so many variables you can experiment with when doing this technique, so relax, have fun and play.

Step 3 – You need to allow time for the candle to completely cool before either removing from the mould or burning. Very rarely will you need to do a repour for a pillar candle of this style, but you may need to for a container one. So now the hard part is done you can light it, sit back, relax and enjoy!