Ice Cave Candle Technique Guideline

Welcome to creative candle making, the ice cave technique is the perfect experiment for those wanting to achieve an unusual effect whilst burning the candle. As the ice melts and the wax cools little caves are made in the candle which not only looks nice but causes a great glow as the candle burns down.

This technique is most effective when used on pillar candles as opposed to container, however will work for both (please be aware when doing this in a container you may get water stuck, this is rare, but it may happen and if it does we wouldn’t recommend burning the candle) When melting the wax and setting up the container or mould please follow our relevant step by step guideline;

Container candle guide or Pillar candle using a mould guide these assist with preparing your wax and wicking your container/mould.

Now the wax is ready to go please follow the below steps:

Step 1 – When the wax is ready to be poured fill your container/mould with slightly broken-down ice cubes. Don’t fill all the way to the top as you will want the wax to cover the ice and still have a smooth surface.

Step 2 – Now comes the fun part! You need to pour the wax quickly over the ice and avoid pouring in just one place as you don’t want to melt the ice in one spot too quickly.

Step 3 – Leave the candle to settle for an hour or 2, every now and again pour out the water from the melted ice.

Step 4 – Once left for around 6 hours all ice should have melted by now, remove the candle from the mould (keep it in the container) leave for a further 12-24 hours before burning to ensure there is no water remaining.

Step 5 – Now its time to enjoy your candle. Sit back and watch the flame glow within the little caves caused by the ice.

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