How to make Wax Brittle

Today Victoria of Cosy and Country joins us once again for this thorough guide on How to make Wax Brittle.

Gorgeous, multi-coloured and arty, with a touch of psychedelia, these particular style of wax melts are as inspiring to look at as they are fun to make. You can truly unleash your creativity and experiment with colour shades, fragrance combinations and patterns for a unique effect, so that no wax brittle looks like another. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make wax brittle!


Step 1 – Measure Out The Wax

We’ll be using the full 800g bag of Pillar wax, so just place your pot onto a scale and measure out 400g of wax into each pot.

Here’s a quick tip – If you are measuring your wax by the capacity of water your container holds, it is best to fill the container/mould with water, measure the amount of water and round up to the nearest 10ml. Deduct 20% from that figure and that is the number of grams you need.

Step 2 – Melt the First Layer

Pop your first jug onto a medium heat and give it a good stir around to help it melt quicker. Do this every now and then and always keep an eye on the melting process and try to maintain the temperature around the ideal 65 degrees mark.

Step 3 – Prep Baking Tray

To ensure you’ll have glitter showing on both sides of your brittle, it’s best to pop enough glitter on the base before pouring your wax.

Step 4 – Melt Second Layer

One the wax has melted, check the temperature and if it’s above 65 degrees, simply set the pot aside for a couple of minutes to cool down.

Time to start melting your second layer now, so just pop the second jug onto the boiler and repeat the first step.

Step 5 – Add Colour Dye

Add your chosen dye to the first pot. As Victoria wants to obtain a very vivid colour, she’s using the full bag. However, you won’t need to use the full 3g of dye, we would always recommend starting with a small pinch first.

Step 6 – Add Fragrance Oil

We always recommend that we accurately measure the fragrance oil, if you are a business, the exact percentage you are using will be very important for your CLP.

Also, remember to check the flashpoint of the fragrance oil (in this case 62.7ºC ),  this is the temperature at which the fragrance evaporates. If poured above this temperature, this can lead to a lesser scented product. Check our chart for guidance.

Stir through and let the fragrance really blend in – Once you’re done repeat this process for the second layer.

Step 7 – Pour Wax Into Baking Tray

Now that your wax is ready, pour the first layer into the baking tray – Our tip is to pour it into a pattern and remember to be gentle. Give it around 5 minutes between each pour, depending on the temperature of your room. This way you’ll allow the layers not to mix.

Now leave the wax to settle for around 2 hours.

Step 8 – Unmould And Brake The Wax

That’s the most fun part of the process! Once it’s set, pull apart each side to loosen the edges and pop the hardened wax out of the tray. 

Now, starting from one corner, break up the shapes into even sizes. You can use your hands. It’s a fun activity and a great stress-relief.

Final Step – Enjoy !

Well done! Time to enjoy these gorgeous wax brittle.

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