Gel Wax

Gel Wax
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Our gel wax is a transparent, rubbery compound which is largely composed of about 95% mineral oil and 5% polymer resin used to thicken and provide cohesiveness to establish the gel like texture. This type of wax in candle making is capable of burning up to twice as long as standard paraffin wax candles. Containers of our gel wax come in quantities of 800 grams, 5 kg or 10 kg. To use gel wax, simply spilt the wax into small sections and melt in a pan in no way different than how you would use other types of wax. If the gel wax starts to smoke (as with other types of wax) - you will have exceeded the temperature at which it should be poured - turn down the heat immediately.

Gel wax is only suitable for containers - not pillar moulds. Do not place anything that is flammible or made from plastic (in whole or in part) into the container with the gel wax. Using fragrance oils and colours (wax dyes) in gel wax is absolutely fine; though as gel wax is largely oil, use perhaps a smaller amount of fragrance oil to start with to ensure it binds with the mineral oil - too much and it may start to separate.

As gel wax burns at a higher temperature than other waxes we recommend selecting a wick that is one size greater than you would normally use.

These data sheets list any technical data or health and safety hazards associated with the product ingredients.

See all Data Sheets

Adding fragrances to gel wax is more complex than with normal wax, for two reasons:

  • Gel wax burns hotter than conventional wax
  • Due to the high mineral content of gel wax not all fragrances mix well in it.

For safety, you should only use fragrances with a flash point higher than 77 degrees Celsius, fragrances with lower flash points can be dangerous due to the higher burn temperature of gel wax.

This gets more complex though as fragrances with higher flash points tend to have a higher polarity and for them to mix well with the high mineral content of gel wax, they need to be lower polarity oils. So, there is a trade off and it will take some trial to get the perfect fragrance oil for gel wax. So how to ensure safe use of fragrance oils:

  • First - never compromise on using fragrances with a flash point of over 77 degree Celsius
  • Second - conduct some Miscibility tests prior to using a fragrance oil. To do this first add three part of any clear mineral oil to one part fragrance and mix well. Does it consistently mix, it is a constant and clear colour? If so do the reverse, 1 part mineral oil and 3 parts fragrance oil. Again if they mix and produce a clear consistent blend then the polarity of the fragrance oil is fine for use with gel wax and providing the flash point is above 77 degree Celsius you are good to start producing candles.
  • Lastly - we would suggest using a slightly lower fragrance load in gel wax to standard wax up to about 8%.

the SDS sheet for every fragrance clearly shows the flash point, plus we have compiled a table of flash points of all of our fragrances here.

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Gel Wax

Gel Wax

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