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Coconut and Lime Candle Making Kit

Coconut and Lime Candle Making Kit
  • Manufactured by: Cosy Owl



Coconut and Lime Candle Making Kit

This is the perfect kit for anyone looking to get creative and bring the holiday scent of the Caribbean straight into your home. Why not treat yourself and have a holiday at home. It comes with everything you need to make up to 5 candles with a exotic fruity scent and a light fresh green colour.

Included in your kit:

* 800g of Paraffin container wax

* 50ml of Coconut and Lime Fragrance oil (Flash point of 80°C)

* 3g of Light Green Bekro dye (72/7427)

* 5 x LX 16 wicks

* 5 x 20cl Karen round glasses

* 1 Easy to follow step by step guide


We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality ingredients available on the market for making the perfect candles at home. Our kits are perfect for those just starting out and those who have mastered the skill already, so grab your apron and lets get crafting. Don't worry if you make a mistake sometimes these make the best effects. 



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